All top athletes, movie stars, F1 Drivers use agents for many reasons. Imagine Lewis Hamilton talking to 10 different agents regarding several offers at one time? Each agent trying to sell their deal to Lewis for personal gain would be detrimental to the best interests for Lewis himself.

Common advice from leading agents is to consider the below criteria before accepting any offer. This makes the athlete assess the best choice based on their personal goals/ dreams/ ambitions taking into account their total career course.

  • Family
  • Long term financial security
  • Near term financial gain
  • Location (quality of life)
  • Sponsors/ endorsements
  • What is the starting position?
  • Are they already a winning team or does it need work?
  • Will their be training?
  • Who is the coach?
  • What is the team strategy on the pitch/ course?
  • What is the financial situation of the team?
  • What facilities do they have?

Of course there are many similarities outside of the realm of professional athleticism.

The Payments & Cards Network have flipped the role of the standard recruiter on it’s head! We have implemented a new way of recruiting that means we can represent you with a premier level of service throughout your entire career.

We not only consider companies our clients but mainly the candidate as our client and represent them as such.

PCN soon realised that we could have 1500 companies as clients or we could represent 1500 of the very best professionals in this ever changing market. The professional can expect the same from their recruiter as top athletes do from their sports agents.

PCBN can provide Insider Track information to the candidate on the industry and the company. We know the people, their culture, the competition, and the work environment. The only way to get these insights is to work through The Payments & Cards Network. We prep you for all meetings and provide you with advice to make the best impression possible, understanding the personality and interview style of the executives that you will meet. We can determine whether or not the opportunity will be in your long-term best interests.

  • You will have no competition because you are not going on a mass marketed role.
  • You are part of our unique program that only presents your background to potential suitors.
  • We will work with you to promote your successes, skills, and strengths. It becomes our job to watch over your long-term career.
  • Our model creates opportunity for you to interview with companies that do not necessarily post publicly.
  • Payments & Cards Network can connect you with an opportunity that possibly did not exist before a meeting was arranged for you.
  • We target companies.
  • We work with you through the interview process – and all negotiations.
  • We aid in your resignation from your old position.
  • We also help you transition into your new position.
  • We manage all of your communications with the Board of Directors, CEO, Presidents and Executive Vice Presidents.

Nearly all executives at C level, who regularly negotiate complex business deals, feel awkward when it comes to settling on a compensation package for themselves. The Payments & Cards Network advise having a buffer between you and the other negotiating party. We have worked with, and placed, over 3000 candidates. We negotiate the salary, bonuses, duties of the job/contracts, stock options, commissions, parachutes, and benefits for all of our candidates. We have never lost a deal for a candidate when we have negotiated the offer. We also never give an offer that will not be accepted. Negotiating is a sensitive issue and is better left to us so there is no ill will between the company and you.

The Payments & Cards Network did extensive studies on our model and turned the traditional role of the executive recruiter upside down. Why shouldn’t a C-level executive be able to have a professional agent that is looking after the candidate’s best interests as well as the employer?