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Advice: Acing Phone Interviews

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As a recruitment agency, we conduct phone interviews all the time.  We’re able to speak with people and place them in a job that suits their skill set all around the world. Payments & Cards Network is not the only company using phones and skype to interview in our global economy. Cell phones used to weigh the equivalent of a bag of sugar each. Luckily, we’ve come a long way. Now, phones and skype have become the quickest way to communicate no…

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Getting started with the STAR method for interviews

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So you’ve sent in your application, you’ve gotten through the first steps and now you’ve heard back…you’re up for an interview! This is where people often start to panic. We want to make sure we put our best self out there and showcase our strengths without going overboard on singing our own praises too aggressively. It’s hard to find the balance between letting a potential employer know you’d be a great fit and making sure you aren’t downplaying your achievements…

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5 Tips – Nail your next job screening!

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When you get a call from an employer wanting to schedule a telephone interview with you, this means your CV has been given a green light and they would like to know if you are who you say you are. The screening is one important step in the job application process. This will show the employer how well you can communicate and perform, forging the path to the big opportunity of a meeting at the office with the decision makers….

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