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Easy Office Time Management Tips

By March 14, 2017Blog
Time management

Time management is one those skills that everyone at the office needs but is seldom taught in school. Most of us figure it out ourselves through trial and error. Or by missing a deadline and realizing it’s time to shape up! Here at Payments & Cards Network, we’re a headhunting agency, and time management is vital to running a successful business. Scheduling time for calls, time for business development and time for admin and sourcing is really important to having a productive work day. Even outside of the Recruitment field, there’s really no situation where time management isn’t helpful in the workplace. Today I brainstormed with our Recruiters here to see what they’d share regarding time management at the office. It doesn’t matter your line of work. Being in control of your schedule helps you to be more productive and effective. Here’s two big time management tips they recommend.

Time Management tip #1: Day Plan

The number one tip from our Recruiters is to create a day plan. With a day plan, you create a schedule to complete your daily tasks each day. And to make it the most useful, follow your day plan each day. For example, if 8:30-10:30 is always business development calls or admin and 13:30-15:00 is always research or sourcing, it makes it easier for your brain to get focused and start working on that task for that period of time.

You’re building yourself a habit, in this case, a really solid foundation for the work day. This also means you only do certain tasks within that window of time. For example, if it’s time to make calls, it’s easier not to distract yourself with emails and admin when you know this is designated calling time. Each task gets its own section in the day plan. This reduces the likelihood of distraction when focusing on each task as you know the next task will get your focus at the right time. Our Recruiters often make themselves a weekly overview as well as day plan with overarching goals and tasks for the week. Having structure makes it easier to spend your time wisely.

Time Management tip #2: Organization

Stay organized. Designate time to get organized. Staying organized can feel impossible, especially if you’re already out of practice and things are chaotic. If you’re in a messy spot now, get ready to tackle it.  Slowly untangle the mess, be it an inbox full of emails or a desk full of admin papers. Take each piece at a time. Once you’ve organized your desk, emails and work, maintain this state to the best of your ability.

As one of our recruiters described it, as soon as he speaks with clients and candidates he puts their information in his google drive folders immediately. He has a folder for each type of client, candidate and role open as well as lists within each category. As everything is organized and clear, it makes it easier for him to spend his time on work and keep track of what’s happening each day. It also means it is possible to get things done quicker throughout the day as he’s not bogged down with a mess of information to sort through. If he needs to find his notes from a previous conversation, he can quickly access it. This means less time wasted and more time for ticking off tasks on the day plan.

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