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Interview Spotlight: Recruitment and Travel with Andrew

By April 4, 2017Blog

Andrew Mullineux is the newest addition to our team, originally from Manchester, England, but now based in Amsterdam. His career path has led him to work and travel in a range of countries. He’s worked in the UK, Norway, Russia, Spain and now The Netherlands. Today we sat down to speak about his career what has led him to Payments & Cards Network.

Can you tell me a bit about your background?

Well, I’m originally from the UK, Manchester more specifically. I went to University there and studied Product Design & Development, which was a course that satisfied my desire for both art and engineering. As part of my studies, I spent six months on an ERASMUS exchange program in Spain. That is where I gained my first taste of international life, and also learned to speak Spanish quite well. That was a catalyst for me and really showed me that there was a world outside of the UK. It sparked my love for travel which is still very much with me.

After graduating, I started working in sales and quickly moved into the recruitment industry. I really liked the idea of taking ownership of your own business from the start. In this industry, there really are no limits to where and how far you can go with your career. It’s been an incredible journey so far which has taken me around Europe and as far as Sakhalin Island in the Far East of Russia.

I really enjoy building relationships with people both personally and professionally. And that’s an incredibly important part of being successful in recruitment. I would say that ability to build relationships, find solutions and work out how to deliver them has really helped get me where I am today.

Now that you’re here in Amsterdam, what have you been enjoying about living here?

I like the culture, the people, and the Dutch way of life. I also enjoy the festivals as well. And I really enjoy biking everywhere. There’s an ease of living here, and you can use that time you have to focus on what really matters and not waste your time.

What led you to PCN?

I really enjoy challenges and discovering new things. PCN is the payments industry leader but we have really only scratched the surface of what we can do and the kind of services we can deliver for our clients, in particular in the freelance/contracting space which is what I am here to build up. I love finding solutions and driving success and the PCN guys are very receptive to new ideas, which could help the business grow. It’s a far smaller business than I have worked in previously but the sky really is the limit with PCN and I think the brand and its position in the market is perfect. We share the same vision and very importantly similar values. It’s a high quality recruitment business, has a great team and it’s a wonderful place to work. I really feel like this is a place where I can make a difference.

Anything else you’d like to share?

I really love to meet new people (and good coffee) and if you would like to connect feel free to reach out via LinkedIn, email: or call me directly at the Amsterdam Office on +31 (0) 203 030 257.


-Layla Durrani 

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