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Tips For a Calmer Work-Life Balance

By March 28, 2017Blog
work-life balance

Finding a proper work-life balance for yourself can be a challenge, whether you work at a startup or a corporation. We all have different levels of ‘workaholic’ as our base line. Some of us seek out jobs that are fast paced and time-consuming, while others seek a calmer quieter position. Nonetheless, it can be hard to find the right work-life balance no matter our job. It can be crazy to balance our job, our families, friends, loved ones and activities we enjoy. As a Recruitment Agency, we expect long working hours and lots of hard work. But we also e having a fun working environment at Payments & Cards Network. When we don’t give ourselves breaks to do what we love in between working, we risk burnout and illness. That’s why we focus on striking a balance between work and life outside of our jobs.

Today, we have a few tips for finding the right work-life balance for your lifestyle:

Make sure you’re in the right industry:

If you’re ambitious and want to see rewards for hours put in, Recruitment might just be the spot for you. If, on the other hand, you’re incredibly introverted and have naturally lower energy, a role as a Headhunter might be incredibly stressful and draining for you. Each of us needs to find the right space for our skill sets and personalities to thrive. If you’re feeling incredibly stressed and unable to balance your time, first stop to assess if you’re in the right job for you. Sure, there are stressful days in every position. But if you leave work feeling anxious every night and dread going to work in the mornings, that’s issue number one. Once you find the right position for you, your work-life balance begins to be more manageable. The work part is a piece of the puzzle rather than something you resent.

Learn to say no:

Learning to say no can be intimidating. We often think if we say no, we’ll never have this opportunity again or are sabotaging ourselves/our career. Learning to turn down events you don’t want to go to or decluttering unnecessary activities from your life will help you feel more clear-headed. There’s tons of minimalist sites on the web. They do a great job explaining why clearing your life up can clear your head. Try committing to a month of minimizing extra noise in your life. (And decluttering your house too if you have the time.) You may be surprised which things you still deem ‘essential’. And you may be pleased to find you have more time by streamlining the rituals you keep track of.

work-life balanceSelf-Compassion:

As put forward by Dr. Kristin Neff in her research, Self Compassion encourages us to be kind to ourselves, and treat our failures the way we’d treat a friend: with understanding. We aren’t going to be able to succeed at balancing our lives perfectly. In fact there’s no way to ever be truly ‘perfect’. Practicing self-compassion gives you an opportunity to keep growing as a person without getting so down on yourself with each up and down in your life. Not only will this give you some space to experiment and be less afraid of failure, it will help you navigate your busy life in a calmer way.


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